Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nice to meet you!

Here at SHTOICA we like creativity, personal vision, originality, inspiration not imitation, being aware of the big flow and not following it blindly for acceptance or commercial reasons. We like to analise needs, create a REAL message, not just "as if"-s.  We want to optimise.

We seek the essence, by working always on refining our vision. The pure essence is far away from any primar-savage form of manifestation, don.t be fooled by this! The differences are subtle and we dig this a lot! It.s a life vision that reflects automatically also on fashion... Natural luxury describes it well.

We want YOU to manifest at full potential and not to be trapped in small boxes. Freedom of being inspires us a lot! We might have a minimalistic approach, in the idea to get rid of the waste, the unnecessary and make room for the very best, for the essential that is subjective and unique.

We alkalize.

We love and have fun.

We don.t have all the answers and digging more and more.

If you resonate, join us :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The fairytale

Je vous presente... Karin et sa fairytale... robe, avec une touche précieuse de perles et beaucoup de chiffon qui flotte doucement. Un jeu subtile et féminin de transparences, details en perles, longuers et surtout, du personnage.

I present you... Karin and her fairytale... dress, with a precious touch of pearles and a lot of gently floatting chiffon. A subtle and feminine game of transparencies, pearl details, lenghts, and most of all, of the main caracter.