Monday, June 16, 2014

Silk poetry

Hello everyone!

Long time no writting here, I know! All those SHTOICA social networks are far more active, but some things deserve more space, more words and more privacy...

It's the case of the latest SHTOICA dress, based on the Purling Dress. Of course, unique, made from handpainted silk, locally handpainted silk by an amazing artist in Hyères (Christine Heitzler) that creates poetry especially for SHTOICA. And then we play and match as we can best in a fair trade and sustainable way and offer you your bespoke silk story to wear.

Because I believe that

This dress tells the story of a summer evening in Avignon, where sun, nature and heart become one. All this could not happen without the driving of the main female character, to whom we thank for choosing SHTOICA.

Dare to create your SHTOICA dress ! (Our selection of unique silks is available by request)