Monday, March 2, 2015

Bridal diary

Hi everyone,

I'm bringing blogging back and that's final :) Actually this is one of my New Year's resolution and it was time I moved to action: picking up the blog from where I left it and start sharing with the world ideas, work and this great challenge of responsibility and sustainability in fashion.

First post for this year it had to be about a dear project from last year. A lot of people are asking me if I do brides dresses and I say "I DO" :P , but where can we see pictures?! where, where...well not on facebook, not of this project at least. Facebook already knows too much :) So last May a delicate wedding dress left the atelier and accompagned a beautiful bride in the beggining of  her joyful journey in two.

And this little bride was like a breeze of warm wind, filled with dandelion puff and some birds echo. And so was her dress... 
This story spoke of innocence, transparency, open heart, love, whispered shine.
The entire dress was made of silk tulle, a pleasure to work with this fabric, so soft and luxurious and subtle... The bust was pleated, hand pleated that is, and the skirt was generous.  The live effect is a light mousse and you had to be there to see it to get the feeling.
The Chantilly lace band was hand beaded:
The bolero was also made of Chantilly lace, hemmed by hand:
                                       -The story just begins-